MIKSETA PASIVNA Power Dynamics PDM-S2004 20-kanalna analogna 172.628

MIKSETA PASIVNA Power Dynamics PDM-S2004 20-kanalna analogna 172.628

1,367.00 KM

Pasivni 20-kanalni mikser sa 20 mikrofonskih XLR ulaza, Phantom power, USB ulaz za povezivanje sa kompjuterom, multiefektom od 256 preseta, USB/MP3, BT receiverom, snimačem i još mnogo opreme. Dimenzije: 450 x 775 x 145mm. Efekti: Ambience, Chapel, Chorus, Delay, Early reflex, Echo, Flanger, Gated reverse, Hall, Leslie, Phaser, Ping pong delay, Pitch, Plate, Reverb delay, Room, Spring, Stadium

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A 20 channel professional dual function mixer split in 10 channels per side. Perfect for use on live stage setups, houses of worship or other multi-input venues.
  • 20 Mono microphone-/line inputs balanced (XLR + 6.3mm Jack)
  • Built-in stereo USB/Audio Interface to connect directly to your computer
  • +48V phantom power with individual preamp per channel
  • 75Hz Low cut filter per channel
  • Multi-FX processor with 256 presets
  • Solo switch per channel (PFL)
  • On/off switch per channel
  • Hi, Mid and Low control for each channel
  • Adjustable Mid frequency per channel
  • 3 Aux sends per channel (1 pre-/2 post fader)
  • Adjustable FX, Pan, Trim per channel
  • Dual 9-band Equalizer
  • Stereo main outputs balanced (XLR + 6.3mm Jack)
  • 4 Assignable Subgroup outputs (6.3mm Jack)
  • Separate control room, headphones and stereo rec outputs
  • Built-in USB player with digital display
  • Bluetooth-receiver for audio streaming
  • LED VU meter and Peak LED’s
  • Supplied with telephone holder


Brand                                             Power Dynamics
Presets                                            256
DSP Resolution                           24-bit
Frequency Response                  10 – 45.000 Hz
THD                                              <0.01%
Input level:                                   Mic. 1.5mV, 2kohm
Input level:                                   Line 150mV, 100kohm
Signal-to-noise ratio                  >112dB
Output level:                                Master 1V
Power Supply                              100-240VAC 50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H)           450 x 775 x 145mm
Weight (kg)                                  11.1



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